About us

As far back as the early 1980s, we were taken by the idea of achieving great things with just salt and water. With this pioneering spirit, we developed the first electrolysis systems. And we build them with the same precision, enthusiasm, and passion to this day. What started out as a local enterprise has grown to become an internationally established company with a strong network of distribution partners.

Sustainability and Swiss quality are the main characteristics that set our systems apart. In line with this, our approach to selecting our suppliers and materials is very important to us. As a traditional Swiss equipment manufacturer, we are proud to present our seal of quality beyond the borders of our country.

Our team

Change of name

ELCLOZID AG has become aquaSwissTech (AST) AG. There’s nothing better than a name that does what it says on the tin! Water is a central element in all our systems, we are proud of our Swiss heritage, and as a technical equipment manufacturer, our systems are used both nationally and internationally. The new company name now embodies all three aspects. In conjunction with our change of name, we have also completely redesigned the way our company presents itself. Thanks to plenty of motivation, fresh approaches, and conviction, we are and will continue to be a trusted partner for reliable electrolysis systems throughout Europe.